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Why Purchasing a Car is Way Better than Leasing It


July 3, 2014

There are a few options available when you purchase your next vehicle. For people who can’t manage to purchase a brand new car, a good alternative is simply buying an old automobile or leasing used ones. With the help of this article, it will enlighten you as to the advantages that you can get when you purchase a used car rather than leasing it.


If you want more mileage, then getting a car is a greater option than leasing. Keep in mind that it’s quite common for lease agreements to limit yearly mileage. Most agreements begin at 10,000 and increasing to up to 15,000 miles per year. The more miles you want the higher your payments will be. Additionally, you are needed to pay out a fee per mile when you go over the mileage that was agreed in the contract. If you opt to buy a car, then you don’t have to fret about paying out more fees per month since the mileage is unlimited.


In case you have completely acquired a used car by purchasing it, you can utilize it as collateral if you ever like to file a loan. This is difficult when you only lease an automobile because the vehicle must be returned to the lessor or the dealership when the contract is over. Think about a house; even though you have been leasing it for 20 years, it will never be yours unless you purchase it from the owner.


Terminating a lease agreement is difficult as the dealership will request for contract cancellation charges. Anticipate to pay penalty charges and other charges if you decide to stop the contract before it is over. Regardless of what your reasons are, you will not be exempted from the costs that they will charge you. Getting a car in the other hand, enables you to sell the vehicle and use the money to pay any debts or loans. In addition, you may even get more money from selling your vehicle if it has a higher book value and you’ve paid enough for its loan.


The things stated earlier are just some of the evidences that clearly proves that buying a used car is a more beneficial investment as compared to leasing. Although in certain situations leasing a car is the better choice, make sure to verify the details thoroughly and see what is of better convenience to you.


The Advantages of Acquiring a Used Car


June 5, 2014  

Be a Thrifty Buyer; Buy a Used Car

Lower Cost


What is incredible with purchasing second-hand vehicles is that you’re saving both from the amount of the vehicle and also with the funding. The average price of a second-hand vehicle is 3 times less compared to a new vehicle. When you acquire a used car at a cheaper price, you will usually be expected to put a smaller deposit if you will be financing and the overall financing fees will be lower, that is, if you obtain a decent interest rate.




Brand new cars are under a factory warranty that goes with your acquisition. The warranty may cover from 3 to 10 years, depending on what the producer offers. In purchasing a used vehicle, the factory warranty can be transferred to you provided that it has not expired yet, either by years covered or mileage. Vehicle dealers as well have the power to extend a vehicle’s warranty service, this is if you want to acquire a ‘certified pre-owned’ car.




Individuals who purchase pre-owned cars will mostly pay a lower insurance premium than new vehicles. This is because the insurance policy of pre-owned cars is way cheaper than brand new ones. Men and women need to realize that the worth of a brand new vehicle will decline significantly in its first two years of ownership. Given that the insurance company is not insuring the car with a ‘new car’ value, you will be saving money on insurance when you buy a pre-owned vehicle.


Certified Pre-Owned


A lot of car manufacturers have certification programs that dealerships can promote as ‘Certified Pre-Owned’. Certified Pre-Owned cars means that these vehicles were not involved in any auto accident or damage; should they have, then vehicle dealers won’t provide them any certification. Vehicles of this type are a little more expensive as opposed to non CPO vehicle; yet the amount that you will be paying is worth it due to their quality. Additionally, there are special financing rates that you can avail on a certified pre-owned vehicle.


How to Detail Your Car at Home


April 29, 2014


Today we take a little different approach to our blog. On a daily basis we help people with car loans, prices and much more on the sale side of our business, but we also like to give tips to our customers on how to take good care of their car so it will last them as long as possible. Auto detailing is one of those things that most people don’t have time to do and just usually take their car to get a drive through car wash. That’s all fine, but over time it just doesn’t do the job and you’ll eventually start to notice dirty in places where the car wash just can’t get to.


This video below is a well explained process of what to do on day of your weekend for an hour or two to keep your car in tip top condition. This full procedure can be done once a month and it should be enough to make your car look nicer, paint last longer and just overall satisfaction that your car is looking nice.


Now is the time to buy a used car

April 12, 2014


Using the typical cost of used vehicles at a four-year low and the expansion of certified preowned programs provided by vehicle manufacturers, this might be an excellent time for you to be searching for an used vehicle. But you’ll want to be well-prepared to get your money’s really worth whenever you drive down the lot.


A few of the best news for used-car shoppers is the fact that pent-up demand is driving up product sales of new vehicles. New-car product sales are rebounding highly and specialists state that trend will carry on following 12 months. Plus, the quantity of expiring leases additionally is increasing. All this tips to a larger stock of used cars.


Information technology additionally means some designs are sitting on the lots a bit longer, and the rates are going down. In accordance to, the typical cost for used vehicles within the third quarter had been $15,617, the cheapest it’s been in four many years.


If you’re after a Volvo, GMC or Chevrolet, then you’re in luck. In accordance to, those three brands sat on lots longer than other individuals and therefore usually carried a reduced cost. However, if you’re after a Honda, Toyota or Lexus, you may possibly discover an above-average cost. These vehicles had been hottest within the third quarter.


While time and rates are crucial, there’s additionally work to be done before you purchase an used car, whether it’s from a dealer or a person. Don’t simply drive the automobile around the block. Offer the automobile a thorough test drive on highways and hills.


Try to find an examination list like this used-car work sheet from . Information technology reminds you of all of the things you’ll want to do, like bringing a CD to test the vehicle stereo, checking the windshield wipers, and making certain the automobile manual is within the glove division.


Study before you store. Utilize a website like , Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.comor to approximate the worth of the automobile. This can enable you to determine a reasonable cost before you get into negotiations. You may even wish to research typical repair and upkeep expenses for the automobile you’re interested.


Some automobiles are far a lot more costly to repair and keep than other individuals, therefore also if you obtain a low cost, you may nevertheless be spending huge dollars within the lengthy run. You can make use of calculators like’s real price to very own function. Information technology determines a number of factors including upkeep and repairs to determine just how much your vehicle will really price you. Additionally, check with your insurance business to find out if your insurance will get up.


The Federal Trade Commission advises checking a separate database solution to review a vehicle’s background. They recommend the Justice Department’s nationwide engine car Title Ideas System . There’s a tiny cost to get a report, ranging from about $2.95 to $12.99. per report.


This solution is great for lots more than simply automobiles. You’ll find reports on buses, vehicles, bike, RVs, engine homes—even tractors. The report addresses information concerning the vehicle’s name, odometer, and some harm record. The nationwide Insurance Crime Bureau features a free database where you enter a car’s automobile recognition quantity, or VIN, and can access a car’s background to find out if it’s been reported as a taken although not recovered car, or a salvage automobile. In accordance to the NICB, the automobiles taken the absolute most usually in 2012 had been the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Ford full-size pickup, Chevrolet full-size pickup, and Toyota Camry.


The FTC additionally indicates checking with a regional customer security company or your state’s attorney general’s workplace to learn if a dealer features any unresolved complaints.


The so-called used automobile Rule requires dealers to post a buyer’s guide in each used automobile (with the exception of dealers in Maine and Wisconsin). Information technology must state whether a car is being offered “as is” or under guarantee, including just how much of the repairs a dealer will protect under that guarantee. Among other items, it’s going to additionally inform one to have the vehicle examined by a separate mechanic before you buy it. This might be advice you ought to undoubtedly take.


And lastly, in numerous states you are able to purchase the proper to a “cooling-off duration.” You spend a cost based on the purchase cost and if for almost any explanation you change your brain, you’ve got the right to bring the automobile straight back within a specified time duration. Alternately, some states don’t have cooling-off durations, therefore check with your state’s motor vehicle division.


Benefits of Buying a Used Car


March 25, 2014  

If you’re thinking of buying a car, the first question you have to ask yourself is do I want a new car or a used car? While new cars come with the latest gadgets, a new car warranty, and can often be made to order, there are many benefits of buying used cars that you should weigh before making your decision.


Perhaps one of the most important benefits of buying a used car is the price. A used car is going to be less expensive than a new car, plain and simple. But that doesn’t mean that when you buy a used car that you aren’t getting a quality vehicle. Many used cars on the market are only a few years old, and have a lot of the same features available in new cars, but at a much more affordable price. Another consideration to keep in mind is insurance rates. You might not realize, but insurance rates for new cars are higher than the rates for used cars. In fact, even the taxes levied on a used car purchase are less than a new car purchase.


After price, perhaps the next most important factor that goes into buying a used car is the reliability of the vehicle. The improved reliability of used cars in recent years has made buying a used car much more appealing. In fact, an analysis of Consumer Reports annual surveys from 1980 through 2000 showed that the reliability of used vehicles had vastly improved over the years.


Another benefit of buying a used car today is that many used cars now come marked as Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, which ensures that the vehicle has passed a rigorous safety and performance inspection and often times comes with an extended manufacturer’s warranty.


In today’s economy, the benefits of buying a used car makes sense. You can get a great used car for a fraction of the price of a new car. So don’t be afraid of buying a used car, you might just end up with the car of your dreams and save a few dollars in the process!


Why a Warranty is Important for Your Car


February 12, 2014


What if you bought a used car a year or so ago and you noticed that it was starting to give you problems? You’d be pretty angry at the fact that this is probably going to leave a hefty hole in your wallet, right? Well it doesn’t always have to be that way. Whenever you buy a new or used car you have the option to grab a warranty. Let’s start with a new car.


New Car Factory Warranty


Most if not all new cars usually come with a standard warranty for a set amount of years and/or miles. Average warranties are Basic of 3 year /36,000 miles (whichever comes first), Drivetain warranty for 5 years / 60,000 miles and so forth. Different manufacturers give longer warranties as well. Now the good thing about this is that when your car happens to break down, the warranty will usually cover it. This leaves you with a peace of mind that you won’t have a $4,000 bill waiting for you if your engine or transmission malfunctions.


Used Car Warranty


When you buy a used car, the dealership usually gives you a limited warranty that includes only engine and transmission for 30 days or 1,000 miles. They also usually have optional available warranties that will just increase your monthly payment by a little. This is usually a good option to grab since as stated in the beginning, you just never know when a car might fail, be it new or used. For an increased rate for your monthly payment, it is well worth investing as later down the road you won’t have to be paying out of pocket to fix any major issues that your car may have.


We Sell and Rent Cars!


January 7, 2014


Here at McCabe Motors Blog we not only sell cars but we rent them too. No matter what you need when it comes to used cars we’ve got you covered. Not everyone is looking to buy a car and that is why we are happy to serve the customers looking to rent a car.


We offer the best rates in town for both car sales and rentals. We even recommend renting the car you are thinking about buying before you buy it to make sure that it is exactly what you are looking for in your new car. This will give you the opportunity to drive it in all conditions and really feel it out.


So if you are looking for a car to rent, a car to buy, or perhaps both things then McCabe Motors is the place for you! Please stop on by anytime and we will show you around the lot.


Used Automobile Prices – Find The Best Deal


December 24, 2013


Used car costs vary in accordance to demand. Whenever dealers have a good stock of cars that have been exchanged in against new designs you might expect utilized vehicle prices to fall.


The costs of utilized vehicles is generally at a maximum at the same time as the prices of new cars, at the beginning of the year or of any new, date specific enrollment period. This is because demand is at a maximum at the same time as supply is maximized.


Used car rates are subject to much bigger variants than new automobiles. The cost charged will hinge on the price the dealer has compensated for the automobile as trade-in, exactly how much work is required on the car and the dealer’s revenue mark-up. Dealers in fancy showrooms in the costly part of city have greater overheads and therefore a greater mark-up. Your best chance of a great deal is to find a dealer whom has a good supply of the model you are interested in.


Shop around, because dealers have actually their favorite automobiles and these are priced greater than others. You want a dealer who hates the model which you want to purchase. This dealer will set a lower cost to sell the automobile much more quickly.


You will also pay a higher price for any given make of used car if you purchase from a primary dealer. The main dealer knows that you are going here because you want that make and model, so they can charge you more for information technology. If there has been a new model released, then the price for the older and aesthetically dated model will plummet. Yet that model will perhaps not have the teething problems that any brand new automobile features. It’s never ever a good concept to purchase a car, either new or used that was produced in the very first 6 – 12 months of a new model.


No Credit Auto Financing


December 9, 2013


In times when credit history means everything many people find themselves struggling to catch a break when it comes to financing a car, applying for a credit and other issues. We understand that sometimes times can get very tough and certain things that happen can affect your credit history in a negative way.


We are here to help out people who have had bad credit history, bankruptcy or no credit history at all. Drop by today at McCabe Motors and fill out a credit application and we’ll help you find the best lender or bank that can work with you to get you a new car with great payments as well.


Check out our main website to find out more about our financing options and also check out our inventory by clicking on the inventory button on the left.

Auto Loans in Minnesota


August 11, 2013


Are you looking for an auto loan, but are having issues getting approved? That is not an issue here at McCabe Motors because we can finance you and will find a lender that best suits your needs. We offer financing for all types of credit like no credit history, bad credit, low credit and even bankruptcies.


We are your one stop shop that can help you get into your next vehicle. Our goal is to be able to provide our customers with excellent cars and a good loan as well. Financing a car can be a very frustrating and confusing part of your next vehicle purchase since there are a lot of details and numbers involved. We’ll help you get situated, understand the situation and make sure you are aware of everything that will happen in the financing part of the deal, the deal itself and just about everything so there are no surprises later on.